Door Dhaba

Dhaba is the name given to roadside restaurants in India. Whereas traditional dhabas are situated on highways and serve local Indian cuisine, the Door Dhaba serves antique doors and furniture from the Sierra foothills of Northern California.  

I was very fortunate to spend the formative years of my life in India.  My family enjoyed the cultural and religious history and diversity during these nine years.  The sounds, sights, smells, and tastes were my reality from an early age - and I have enjoyed deepening this relationship with India throughout my life.

My scientific career has focused on advancing knowledge about, and conservation of, ecological systems with associated plants and animals.  As a carpenter and woodworker, I have also built a strong appreciation for wood and architecture.  The Door Dhaba is a marriage of these interests - a desire to 'rescue' unique cultural artifacts and help ensure these antique wooden doors enrich the lives of future generations.