The Door Dhaba offers unique antique wooden Indian doors between 80 to 100 years old.  They doors were handcrafted for well-to-do households in Gujarat, Rajasthan and South India.   These doors combine strength for security along with artistry for beauty and devotion.  All pieces are provided in their original condition, which showcase original paint and normal wear.   We are offering exterior doors, interior doors, and furniture that is made from these doors.

Exterior Doors

These large doors and frames were the main external doors for the traditional Indian mansions, or havelis.  These doors are made from solid pieces of Teak, thus very heavy and rustic in nature.  The outer faces are elaborately carved and ornately detailed with brass and iron accents, giving each piece a defined individual character. All wooden and metal components of these doors are handmade.   The carvings demonstrate traditional Mughal patterns.  Some doors are inlaid with bone and horn, while other doors are adorned with a significant amount of fine metalwork. All doors have been waxed for protection.

Interior Doors

The interior doors of these havelis are made of solid Teak.  They are beautiful pieces of wood with elaborate and delicate carving, giving each piece a defined individual character.


Modern Indian craftsmen have made unique pieces of practical furniture that showcase these doors.  These pieces include coffee tables, armoires, bookcases and cabinets.  Indian Rosewood was used to fabricate the modern components of this furniture.